Staining, Wood Rot Repair, Power Washing

Slate Painting offers other services to homes and businesses to restore, update, or clean the building to keep it looking its best.


Our professionals stain your woodwork and decks. We restore faded stain, update the stain color, or stain newly constructed or installed wood surfaces. We begin by cleaning the surface thoroughly and drying the area, followed by multiple coats of the stain color you choose and a protective, clear sealant. Slate Painting provides thorough work with attention to detail and instructions for aftercare and maintenance so your stain lasts as long as possible.

Power Washing

Slate Painting also offers power washing for any home, commercial or industrial building, deck, or patio. We also flush out gutters as needed. Using highly pressurized water and in some cases, gentle soap, we blast away dirt, moss, mildew, and debris to restore the true color of the surface and clean it from unsightly or harmful substances.

Sheet Rock Repair

Sheetrock is similar to drywall and common repairs include cracks, holes, or dents in the sheetrock surface. We can remove or fix acoustic (popcorn) ceiling texture with no dust or mess. Our carpentry team can repair all of these, filling in the hole, sealing the crack, or installing new sheetrock to restore your walls, followed by applying caulk and repainting the area. When we’re finished, you will forget the damage was there.

Slate Painting

Epoxy Floors

Slate Painting offers epoxy coating for homes, schools, auto garages, and other commercial or industrial buildings. We apply new coatings, use restorative products to repair epoxy floors, and offer finishing and cleaning epoxy products to maintain the surface. Options include aggregate, flake, glaze for outdoor brick areas, and more to create a smooth, clean look and increase durability. Epoxy is water resistant and works well in high traffic areas. The color options are nearly endless and we will help you choose the best type of epoxy for your flooring surface.

Minor Carpentry

Our team also provides minor carpentry services, including baseboard and crown molding installation. We can also fix minor cracks in woodwork, secure loose boards, and fill in chips. If your carpentry service is more elaborate, we have industry connections and can refer you to a trusted contractor.

Wood Rot Repair

Wood on baseboards, decks, and beams can rot over time, but Slate Painting can help. We offer wood rot repair to stop the spread of rotting material and restore the area. We treat the wood, replacing it as needed and have the experience to know what will work for your specific wood type and structure.

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